Time Attendance Solution

Time Attendance Solution:

Employee Time Attendace Solution has been developed with a scalable, multi-tier architecture using Microsoft’s MS SQL Server. It is robust and flexible enough for mid-size and larger organizations requiring an enterprise-wide system. Employee Time Solution Web helps you cut costs by enabling deployment of the application and upgrades on a single server to hundreds or even thousands of users in multiple facilities, without client-site installation. Designed to scale and grow with companies with as few employees to more, Employee Time Attendance Solution is ideal for businesses of any size.

Time Attendance Architecture

We supply Employee Attendance Hardware
Here are some of the most widely used types of employee attendance hardware:

Fingerprint attendance system
With a fingerprint attendance system, an employee holds their finger to a scanner at the entrance to your premises and the system will record what time they arrived and departed. 

Bio-metric attendance system 
This kind of tool uses one (or more) physical identifiers of the worker – be that the lenses of their eyes, their fingerprint or even their face, Touchless Finger print , Palm Punching. 

Attendance punching machine
These are the ‘traditional’ attendance monitoring tools. A worker will pick up a card, and this will be time-stamped by a computer to register when they arrived and left the building. 

PC-based clocking in
If your employees mainly work in an office, your IT system can be connected to your payroll system to monitor, when the worker logged into and out of their computer.

There are various time cards and badges which can include tracking devices that help you monitor where an employee is physically on your site, through GPS or wireless signals.

Swipe card 
Swipe cards mean the holder can access certain parts of your building – allowing for different levels of security for different personnel.

: Even More :

Mobile Clock In & Out
The Mobile clock In & Out used for attendance with GPS/geofence for Mobile & Tablet. Mobile Punch’s new facial recognition feature matches each person’s unique facial characteristics for the purposes of ID authentication. Using the smartphone’s camera, this advanced biometric feature captures their image, quantifies certain features as numerical code, then matches it against stored templates to verify identity. If your employees work at multiple sites, it can take extra time and create errors if employees choose the wrong site when clocking in. By using their smartphone’s QR scanner—paired with QR codes posted at each location—employees can punch in quickly and correctly.

Access Control Clock In & Out
We are using different types access control using Biometric device to enter or leaving or restriction & attendance in premises even offline.

Our Time Attendance Solutions include:

  • All data integrated and updated automatically in payroll and invoicing 
  • Real-time reports and analysis 
  • Flexible technology via web and mobile applications
  • Leave Management
  • Time clocks
  • Workforce management
  • Real time visibility
  • Employee view
  • Security roles
  • Reporting
  • Flexible pay rules
  • Improved accuracy
  • Self-service
  • Enforces absence related policies
  • Flags for exceptions
  • Automation of hour conversion to payroll
  • Download employee timesheets and rotas
  • Update employee personal details
  • Create shift management 
  • Record and monitor holiday, absence and service delivery
  • Payslips and Salary Calculations

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