Time Attendance Solution

We provide complete range of bio-metric time attendance solution and access control products in-order to enhance security .

Our various product lines features the latest technologies in time and attendance systems , backed by our excellent technical support.


  • 100% Web based.

  • Fully scalable and reliable.

  • User friendly GUI.

  • Available in multi-language interface.

  • Real-Time Attendance Report for Multiple Work Locations.

  • Auto-Calculation of Overtime & Customizable Attendance Allowances such as Attendance Bonus, OT Meal Allowance, etc.

  • Unlimited Shift Patterns Creation including Split Shift.

  • Attractive Add-on Modules such as E-mail notification, automated Workflows and Approvals and much more.

  • Powerful reporting tool.

  • Can be customized to meet different requirements & complex needs.

  • Can be easily integrated with third party applications.

  • Supports different communication methods. Helps organizations to Improve the way to manage their workforce.

  • Keep track of your employee movements.

  • Achieve accurate pay-slips.

  • Support different schedule types such as Flexible, Advanced and Normal Schedules.

  • Wide range of reliable and configurable Time Attendance Terminals, Different card reader types (MI fare, i-Class, Proximity, Magnetic Card Readers).

  • Different finger-print readers (Optical, Capacitive, Vein Readers).

  • Face recognition, Hand & Finger geometry readers.

  • Full color touch screen displays.

  • Support up to 24 Hours Rotational Shifts.

  • Pre-defined Working Calendar or Duty Roster.

  • Fully Compatible with All Bio-metric and Proximity Card Readers.

  • Supervisor Login – View/Verify Attendance Anytime, Anywhere.

Time Attendance Solution

Biometric Solutions provides products and service solutions for time attendance, access control and identification.

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