Web Development

Web Develpoment:

ONLY FIVE does provide custom web development services to meet the business goals of their valuable clients. It is ensured that all the key factors of our client’s business – brand identity, image building, and online profile are addressed in a well-coordinated and systematic manner in order to create an ultimate user experience. The parameters are modelled to arrive at the ultimate user experience to be professional, clear and easy to navigate.

Why Only Five?

We have the expertise, experience and ability to create complex business solutions. We employ our technical know-how, domain expertise, methodological processes to understand the business goals, strategic and marketing objectives of our valuable clients.

Our expertise and experience provides the clients web solutions from a single, proven source. We have developed customized and unique web solutions- corporate website, eCommerce solutions, and extensive intranet web-based applications across diversified businesses. Our Expert team have good experience integration with Social site of your website.

Web devlopment

Our Web Design Process:

Every business website will have different goals based on business type, brand, target customer, and industry competition. Depending on business size, there might be data assets like web analytics or a CRM database. The business might have an in-house staff for copywriting or photography. Gathering information on the resources available are the first steps when meeting with a business on a web design project.

Before we quote on a web design project, we will schedule a meeting to cover the objectives of the web design project, timeline, and available assets. These assets may include a brand guide, web analytics, a product database or other content assets we will need to access during the project. Our project manager will be your dedicated point of contact from beginning to end, and will set timeline expectations for the different project milestones.

The people who visit your website are looking for something. It might be to learn about a topic, make a purchase, submit an inquiry, or engage with your business. The objective with building a wireframe is to align the website navigation with the buyer journey. The website needs to meet different user groups, at different points in their journey in order to efficiently evaluate, consider, and convert. The user experience must be consistent across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Time to make the website look good. We will design a mobile layout, tablet, and desktop layout based on the designed wire frames and visual assets. Our project manager will be coordinating with you and our team to submit a Static web design V1. This version one (V1) will be subject to revisions (V2, V3,..V6) based on design budget and client feedback

The complexity here can vary. The website design will be sliced into the CMS or theme, and often times there is custom programming or WordPress Development under the same web design project. Custom functionality, animations, Ecommerce, 3rd party integrations, or other database-driven functions are developed during this stage.

Test our work on Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Test our work on Mac OS and Windows. Test our work on iOS and Android devices – and debug along the way. This new website needs to be error-free upon launch, and we make sure we cover our bases. The website will also be optimized for speed and on-page SEO will be completed during this stage.

Schedule a date. Configure the server. Prepare necessary 301 redirects. Resubmit sitemap. Install Google Analytics and set up website goals. Install the Facebook Pixel and any other tracking tags. Post-launch testing and the digital strategy has just begun!