IOT Solution

Building a Foundation for the Future of IoT

Navigating the IoT landscape can seem complex for companies looking to implement the next IoT idea. However, thanks to 30-years, 1,000+ partners and 180 billion chips-worth of experience in providing IP and enabling software platforms, Arm can help make those big IoT ideas a reality and a success.

As we move to networks of a trillion devices, Arm provides everything it takes to help build for the future:

  • Easy access to an unparalleled range of processor designs which has made Arm the leading architecture for IoT and embedded devices.
  • Unrivalled efficient processing capability, including AI-enhanced endpoint intelligence, end-to-end security and scalable solutions.
  • Development platforms and tools for software developers that support a huge range of workloads, devices and clouds, making it easier and more efficient to create future devices.
  • An ecosystem of over 300 software partners ready to help accelerate product journeys wherever compute happens.

From the smallest, power-constrained endpoints to global compute platforms spanning the edge of the network, Arm and our global ecosystem of partners can meet all requirements

Transforming Industry with Intelligent End-to-End Solutions

Industrial modernization and the shift to smart manufacturing have sparked innovations in automation, robotics, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Introducing artificial intelligence (AI), interoperability, and secure connectivity enable real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of processes, resources, and systems – all of which can lead to greater productivity, increased safety, and reduced costs.

Arm’s scalable solutions and strong ecosystem of partners allow our customers to operate seamlessly across a single architecture from the sensor to cloud, whilst addressing varied performance, real-time, functional safety, and security needs.


infrastructure IOT

Cloud to Edge Infrastructure for a Trillion Devices

As our connected world expects to reach more than a trillion devices by 2040, the current cloud-centric infrastructure model has to evolve to meet the challenge of capturing, storing, and leveraging this new device data. By distributing compute resources along the cloud-to-edge continuum to process data precisely where it’s needed, businesses can leverage new technologies across high-bandwidth networks, unlock opportunities, and improve efficiency and security.

This shift to new levels of compute at the network edge demands increased flexibility and scalability, together with broad industry collaboration.

Core of cloud-computing

The Opportunity with Edge Compute

As the world moves toward one trillion intelligent devices, the compute, network, and storage infrastructure required to onboard, process, and manage the resultant explosion in data is changing. Increasingly, compute is becoming broadly heterogeneous, distributed, and localized at the edge. Moving to the edge supports a massive expansion in compute and offers new opportunities to improve operational efficiency and explore additional revenue streams.


IOT Storage

Reliable, High-Performance Solutions for HDDs, cSSDs and eSSDs

ONLY FIVE powers billions of storage applications, from storage device controllers and built-in storage to hard disk drives (HDDs), consumer-grade solid-state drives (cSSDs) and enterprise-grade solid-state drives (eSSDs). With the internet of things (IoT) and digitization contributing to growing datasets and increasingly complex workloads, it is essential for storage drives to be built on a reliable, secure, and efficient platform.

Our verified, energy-efficient processors, system IP, and security, combined with the world’s largest partner ecosystem, enable fast, simple, and cost-effective development.


Are You Designing for the IoT?

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